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Incontinence Pads for Adults & the Elderly
Incontinence Pads For Women

Incontinence Pads For Women

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Tena Lady Mini Discreet Incontinence Pads - CASE 10 x PACKS 20 (200 pads)
£35.95This Multipack Price = 3.59 / Pack !

Incontinence Pads for Women Information

When selecting an Incontinence Pad it is important to consider the absorbency requirements of the user. For example, a mild condition or 'stress' incontinence would normally only require a small or 'light' pad that can cope with small urine losses. However, for a user with mobility issues may need a high absorbency pad to see them through the night.

All the products on this page have an indication of the amount of liquid they are able to absorb. As a guide, an average adults full bladder contains in the region of 800ml. 

As an alternative to a pad, you may want to consider using a 'Pull up Pant' which are convenient and discreet to wear and also come in a range of absorbency levels. You can view our range here Incontinence Pants For Women

It is also worth remebering that whilst these pads offer excellent protection, during the course of the night accidents can still happen. You may want to take precautions to protect Chairs, Mattresses and duvets just incase with products from our Incontinence Bed Pads, Sheets & Chair Protectors category.