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Incontinence Pants For Women

Incontinence Pants For Women

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TENA Pants Plus Classic - Medium (80-110cm/32-42") 8  x 14 Pack (112 Pants)
£79.95This Multipack Price = 9.99 / Pack !

Female Incontinence Pants Information

The range of Incontinence Pants from Tena available on this page come in four absorbency levels - 'Normal' (for moderate incontinence), 'Plus' & 'Super' (for moderate to heavy conditions) and 'Maxi' for heavy incontinence. 

The range of Incontinence Pants by Lille Healthcare on this page is the 'Suprem' range and comes in 2 absorbency levels - 'Extra Plus' for moderate incontinence and 'Maxi' for heavy conditions.

For light incontinence conditions the 'light / discreet' range from Tena or Molicare are particularly suitable.

Please refer to each product above for detailed information and sizes. As well as Incontinence Pants, we also stock a full range of Incontinence Pads for Women. Browse the website to find the product that's right for you.