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Incontinence Pads for Adults & the Elderly
Incontinence Stretch Pants

Incontinence Stretch Pants

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Stretch Net Pants for Incontinence Pads Information

For ease of identification all the stretch pants are colour coded for size. Below is a list of colour codes and product numbers.

Product Code        Description                                    Colour Code       

754023                   Tena Fix Premium - Small           Yellow

754024                   Tena Fix Premium - Medium       Blue

754025                   Tena Fix Premium - Large           Brown

754026                   Tena Fix Premium - X Large       Green

754027                   Tena Fix Premium - XX Large    Orange

LSFX9311              Lille Panty Slip - Small                Yellow

LSFX9321              Lille Panty Slip - Medium            Blue

LSFX9331              Lille Panty Slip - Large                Brown

LSFX9341              Lille Panty Slip - X Large            Green

LSFX9351              Lille Panty Slip - XX Large         Orange