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Maxi Incontinence Products

'Maxi' is an absorbency rating within the Lille Healthcare range of products. Each category of product from Lille Suprem Light Pads for lighter urinary conditions, through to the Lille Suprem All in Ones (or Diapers) for very heavy urinary or faceal incontinence, come in a range of absorbency levels with 'Maxi' being the highest.

Listed below are the absorbency ability for each 'Maxi' product from the Lille Healthcare range.

Lille Suprem Light Maxi small shaped pad - 1030ml

Lille Suprem Form Maxi large shaped pad - 2920ml

Lille Suprem Pull Up Pants Maxi - Small 1900ml, Medium 2090ml, Large 2090ml, Extra Large 20960ml

Lille Suprem Fit Maxi - Small 2190ml, Medium 3370ml, Large 3580ml, Extra Large 4060ml

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