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Pull Up Incontinence Pants (Disposable)

Pull Up Incontinence Pants (Disposable)

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TENA Pants Normal - Large (100-135cm/40-53") 4 x 18 Pack (72 Pants)
£54.95This Multipack Price = 13.24 / Pack !
Attends Pull-Ons 5 - Large Pack of 18
Attends Pull-Ons 5 - Large - CASE 4 x Packs 18
£51.95This Multipack Price = 13.74 / Pack !
TENA Pants Plus Classic - Large (100-135cm/40-53") 8 x 10 Pack (80 Pants)
£69.95This Multipack Price = 8.74 / Pack !
TENA Pants Super - Large (100-135cm/40-53") CASE 4 x PACKS 12 (48 Pants)
£47.95This Multipack Price = 11.99 / Pack !
Attends Pull-Ons 8 - Large Pack of 16
Attends Pull-Ons 8 - Large - CASE 4 Packs 16
£49.95This Multipack Price = 13.74 / Pack !
TENA Pants Maxi - Large (100-135cm/40-53") 4 x 10 Pack (40 Pants)
£49.95This Multipack Price = 12.24 / Pack !

Pull Up Incontinence Pants Information

The Lille Healthcare pull up incontinence pants on this page are from the 'Suprem' range being the best quality that Lille produce. The Suprem 'Extra PLus' offers very good absorbency ratings and the Suprem 'Maxi' offers the highest absorbency in this range (for higher absorbency rating products see 'Diapers / All in Ones' ). For assistance selecting the correct product & size please refer to our useful Product Selection Tool and Size Fitting Guide

The Tena range of Incontinence Pants on this page are another marketing leading brand providing only the highest quality in terms of absorption levels and comfort. We consistently receive excellent feedback from our customers who use this range.

We also have an excellent range of Pants from Molicare including the 'Molicare Mobile Light Discreet' Pants which are very popular for those with only light urinal incontinence or stress incontinence.

If you can not find the Incontinence Pants that you are looking for on this page please use the Contact Us form and let us know. We will be happy to look at your requirements and see if we can help!

Don't forget, we also stock a wide range of Incontinence Bed Pads, Sheets & Chair Protectors as well as Incontinence Pads for Adults & the Elderly. We're confident we can find the right solution for you.