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Bed Pads, Sheets & Chair Protectors

Bed Pads, Sheets & Chair Protectors

Our range of Bed and Chair protection offer perfect solutions for protecting mattresses and chairs from the symptoms of incontinence. Choose from washable or disposable products available in a range of different sizes.

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Disposable Range Disposable Bed Pads, Sheets & Chair Protectors
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Bed protection is an imprtant aspect of the overall management of incontinence. Whilst our range of Incontinence Pads for Adults & the Elderley offer excellent levels of absorbency as well as features to prevent any leakage, it is still wise to put into place a strategy to protect mattresses and duvets should accidents occur.

There are a range of options within this category that will offer the user protection, not only for the Mattress, but also for Duvets and Pillows as these are all items that can be costly to replace.

Focusing on the mattress, the best approach is to use two different products, the first being an absorbent bed pad that will absorb any leakage should it occur. These are available in either a disposable format, or a washable type (in which case it is wise to have 2 so that one can be being washed and dried with another on the bed). The second product would be a protective waterproof fitted mattress cover that will ensure the mattress stays dry even in the event of the bed pad failing for whatever reason (if it has been moved in the night for example). Available in a basic plastic format, or with a terry towling finish, these are applied in the same way as an ordinary fitted mattress sheet.

Beyond the mattress we also have waterproof protectors available for duvets and pillows which are designed to be used outside the duvet or pillow but inside the bedding  covers themselves as these can be washed more readily.

The above options should rule out having to replace mattresses duvets and pillows however, with an appropriate night time product applied to the individual the risk should be fairly minimal. For example, if pads are being used are they being secured correctly to minimize the chance of them moving out of position through the night. If that is difficult to achieve then another option for night time use would be Disposable Incontinence Pants