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Incontinence Pads for Adults & the Elderly
Classic Rectangular / Insert Pads

Classic Rectangular / Insert Pads

The Lille Healthcare Classic Pad range offers a cost effective solution for independant people to manage light to moderate incontinence.

The Classic Rectangular pads have a waterproof backing and can be used in conjuction with the Lille 'fix' stretch pants or your own underwear.

Improtant Note - The 'Insert' pads can not be used on their own as they are specifically designed to be used in conjuction with another product to boost absorbency. Therefore they do not have any waterproof backing and will allow liquid to pass all the way through them (to the additional main product). These insert booster pads are popular for use with Pull Up Pants, Large Shaped Pads or  All in Ones / Diapers/ Slips to increase overall absorbency.

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Classic Rectangular / Insert Pads from Lille Healthcare:-

LCLN1111 - Insert Pad Mini

LCLN1121 - Insert Pad Extra

LCLN2111 - Rectangular Pad Mini (PE Backed)

LCLN2131 - Rectangular Pad Extra (PE Backed)

LCLN2151 - Rectangular Pad Maxi (PE Backed)