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Bed Pads, Sheets & Chair Protectors
Disposable Bed Pads, Sheets & Chair Protectors

Disposable Bed Pads, Sheets & Chair Protectors

Disposable Bed and Chair Pads at Incontinence LivingDisposable bed and chair incontinence pads are an ideal solution for protecting mattresses and chair upholstery. They are used in conjunction with a body worn product to provide extra security for beds and chairs and to help maintain the users comfort.

The range below includes products from Lille Healthcare, Attends and Robinsons Healthcare (Readi) and are high quality products manufactured using the same superior materials and technology as pads that are worn so offering excellent absorbency. The padded tops are structured to aid even disbursement of liquid and the waterproof backing provides total peace of mind.

Apart from quality and absorbency capabilities, size is generally the most important factor when selecting the correct bed or chair pad for your requirements. The smallest size pad below measures 60 x 40cm ( 24 x 16"), and this size is generally used for protecting chairs and seats including wheelchairs and car seats. The largest size below measures 60 x 90cm (24 x 36") and is the most popular size for protecting beds. The sizes in between can be used for either of these applications depending on your personal preference or requirements.

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Readi Disposable Bed Pad - 60 x 40cm (24 x 16") (600ml) - CASE 8 x Packs 25
£29.95This Multipack Price = 3.74 / Pack !
Attends Cover-Dri Super (886ml) - 60 x 60cm (24 x 24") CASE 4 x Packs 50 (200)
£43.95This Multipack Price = 10.99 / Pack !
Readi Disposable Bed Pad - 60 x 90cm (24 x 36") (1400ml) CASE - 4 x Packs 25
£25.75This Multipack Price = 6.44 / Pack !

Disposable Incontinence Bed Pads.

Incontinence bed pads from Lille Helalthcare, Attends and Robinsons Healthcare available in the following sizes, 60 x 40cm, 60 x 60cm, 60 x 75cm and 60 x 90cm.