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Incontinence Pads for Adults & the Elderly
Incontinence Stretch Pants

Incontinence Stretch Pants

Stretch Pants at Incontinence Living

Our range of Incontinence Stretch Pants are specifically designed to to keep shaped and classic style pads securely in place thus maximising comfort and reducing the risk of leakage.

Listed below are products from Tena (Tena Fix Premium) and Lille Healthcare (Lille Panty Slip) . They are very similar however the Lille Healthcare product has a higher waistband and is longer in the leg than the Tena.

These stretch pants are described as a 'semi disposable' product meaning they will survive several machine washes before needing to be replaced.Further information 

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Stretch Net Pants for Incontinence Pads Information

For ease of identification all the stretch pants are colour coded for size. Below is a list of colour codes and product numbers.

Product Code        Description                                    Colour Code       

754023                   Tena Fix Premium - Small           Yellow

754024                   Tena Fix Premium - Medium       Blue

754025                   Tena Fix Premium - Large           Brown

754026                   Tena Fix Premium - X Large       Green

754027                   Tena Fix Premium - XX Large    Orange

LSFX9311              Lille Panty Slip - Small                Yellow

LSFX9321              Lille Panty Slip - Medium            Blue

LSFX9331              Lille Panty Slip - Large                Brown

LSFX9341              Lille Panty Slip - X Large            Green

LSFX9351              Lille Panty Slip - XX Large         Orange