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Incontinence Pads for Adults & the Elderly
Small Shaped Incontinence Pads

Small Shaped Incontinence Pads

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Small Shaped or 'light' Incontinence Pads are designed to manage bladder weakness resulting in light to moderate incontinence.

This range of pads are ergonomically designed so that they fit closer to the body thus improving anti-leakage security.

They are discreet, comfortable and can be used in conjunction with the users own close fitting underwear.

The range below includes the 'Suprem Light' from Lille Healthcare,  'Comfort Mini' from Tena and the 'Soft' series from Attends. For higher absorbency requirements please see our 'Large Shaped Incontinence Pads' category. 

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Tena Lady Mini Discreet Incontinence Pads - CASE 10 x PACKS 20 (200 pads)
£35.95This Multipack Price = 3.59 / Pack !
Tena Lady Discreet Mini Plus Incontinence Pads - CASE 10 PACKS 16 (160 Pads)
£34.95This Multipack Price = 2.89 / Pack !
Attends Soft 3 Extra (525ml) - CASE 8 x Packs of 10 (80 pads)
£17.75This Multipack Price = 2.12 / Pack !
Tena Comfort Mini Plus (300-450ml) CASE 6 x PACKS 28 (168 Pads)
£22.95This Multipack Price = 3.49 / Pack !
Tena Comfort Mini Extra (450-600ml) CASE 8 x PACKS 30 (240 Pads)
£38.95This Multipack Price = 4.99 / Pack !
Attends Soft 3 Extra Plus (700ml) CASE 12 x packs of 10 (120 pads)
£23.95This Multipack Price = 2.08 / Pack !
Attends Soft 4 Super - (900ml) CASE 3 x Packs of 46 (138 pads)
£25.95This Multipack Price = 9.32 / Pack !
Tena Comfort Mini Super (800-1000ml) CASE 6 x PACKS  30 (180 Pads)
£40.95This Multipack Price = 6.33 / Pack !
Attends Soft 5 Maxi (950ml) Pack of 38
Attends Soft 5 Maxi (950ml) CASE 4 x packs of 38 (152 pads)
£31.95This Multipack Price = 8.49 / Pack !

Additional Information

The above range includes the 'Comfort Mini' series from Tena and the 'Light' series from Lille Healthcare as well as Tena Lady. 

Abosorbency ratings from 100/200mls through to 1000mls means these products are appropriate for light incontinence/bladders weakness. Generally used for those who are fully mobile and using the lavetory but experience a relatively small amount of urine loss.

If you require a higher absorbency pad or are looking for a pad more suited to night time use, please have a look at the next range up which is 'Large Shaped Incontinence Pads'. This range of pads are not only a much larger pad physically, but will absorb a far greater amount of liquid.

Products in the 'Large Shaped Incontinence Pads' category include the standard 'comfort' range from Tena and the 'Suprem Form' range from Lille Healthcare.